My Goals

As I look back on the year, It was a decent year.  I never did accomplish my goal, but I was close.  Next year I will get it done.  But I am ready for 8th grade.  But I will enjoy summer a lot.

My Goals 
I fell short with my short term goals but my long term I am still working hard on my long term.

short term
All A's for 3'd quater.  That was my last short term goal but like I said I fell short by a little bit.

Long term
My long term will stay the same and I will keep working hard and won't stop until i reach them.


Short term goals 
  • Get all A's this year 

I did get all A's for 2 quarters last year but the rest of the year I got A's' an B's.  In order for this to happen I will need to work hard to learn and study. 

Long term goals
  • Become a IU basketball player

I would want to do that because other than football basketball is my favorite sport
It will take lots of dedication.  For this to happen I will need to practice everyday.

My special thing
I love to be outdoors.  I like to hunt and fish.  So everyone says I know all there is to know about stuff like this.

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