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"Made In America"

Today I learned that harley motorcycles are building a new motorcycle in the U.S.A.  That will give more work to the people at the harley factory.  But there is a positive note to all of this and this is that america is slowly starting to make more things here.  The next step is to make my presentation.  That is where I will compile all of the things I have learned.

Today I learned about apples plan to start producing the mac pro PC in the U.S instead of in china.  But that will make it more expensive.  And it is already expensive.  But made in america will make the price tag even higher.  I feel that they will not sell many of these because the issue of money.

Today I learned that the factories in china pay their workers very little and the working conditions are very bad.  But since they pay these people very little they can sell products very little.  They call these factories sweatshops.  The people work and sleep in the shops.  It is a bad situation for the people that work in them.

Today I learned that another reason things are made in china is because they can run machines 24/7.  So they do not have to pay a person to operate the machine.  I thought that Cain's arcade was inspirational because he is young and he had a dream of a arcade so he got cardboard boxes to make the games.  It was ingenious to take something as simple as cardboard and turn it into something like this.  Then at the end of the video they got people from all over to come and play the games.

Today I learned that just today president Obama ordered that all flags used in the military to be made in america.  I never thought about that.  But it is very important.  If they were made in a foreign country it would not be a true american army. So then we have no pride.

Today I learned the less that 2% of products are made in america.  That is bad because that costs the U.S more to import these things.  But on the flip side of the coin it would also cost a lot of money to produce things here.  But they would be better quality.  So there is good and bad to this problem.

Today I learned that there are still some companies that make products in the U.S.A.  The major problem that there is is that if products are made in the usa they will cost more.

Today I learned that companies make things to purposely fail or break.  It is called planned obsolesces. Many companies do this.  Apple products had batteries that would quit working.  They were sued when customers found out what had happened. 

  • Another famous benefit of working at Google is the 20 percent time program. Google allows its employees to use up to 20 percent of their work week at Google to pursue special projects. That means for every standard work week, employees can take a full day to work on a project unrelated to their normal workload. Google claims that many of their products in Google Labs started out as pet projects in the 20 percent time program.

*  I noticed.......done 
*  I liked..........done
*  I wonder...... when, if, why,  done
*  What if.......done
*  How might....done
*  I learned...... done
*  Is it possible to..... done
*  What would it take to.... done
*  What could happen if...... done
*  Does it matter if......  done
*  How is..... like.....
*  Is it right to....... 
*  Is....the reason for ......  done Hi i'm paytyn and i recently ended my genius hour project "Made in America.  I noticed that many things were not made in america.  It is much cheaper for things to be made in other places other than in america.  But often the quality is much less.  I liked that we got all monday to learn about what we want to.  And my was things made in america.

I wonder if there would have been more info.  It would have made the final product better but I worked with what the internet provided.  My initial goal was to learn why things are made in other countries.  That was my vision.  I learned why they are made in other countries.  

What if my project changed?  It would not be that different other than my topic.  How might this impact people.  Well mine did not have the propose of impacting people.  It was just to inform people about the lack of american made products.

I learned that many things were not made here.  It really amazed me that china was where we got most of our goods from.  There are a few companies that get the made in america.  The reason for all the Chinese made goods is that labor prices are much cheaper.  And companies like cheap no matter what it is.  But consumers do not.

Another reason is something called planned obsolescence. That is where companies purposely design a product to become unfashionable. Also they can make it to where the products parts break on purpose. So therefore it causes the consumer to buy new products. Same applies for planned obsolescence.

I wonder if this is possible to do in the future. I hope it is because I really enjoyed it. I wonder what would happen to my project if we did. I believe if we continued this I would gain more information.
What could happen if we got the whole week to work on it! Wouldn't that be awesome. 

Throughout this project I wondered does it matter if things are not made here? I thought about it and the more research I did I learned it does not only impact the quality of the product but the jobs, the economy and the country pride. At one point I wondered is not having the machines to make these things the reason for all of them being made there. Then I thought and I came to the conclusion that we are the most technology advanced country.

Is it right for our country to give jobs to people in other countries? I feel that we should employ our people before other countries. Besides we should care about our countries before others like our country is known for.

In conclusion not many things are made in the U.S.A. Which is bad because it takes away jobs for our people. And we have no pride in the great things that us americans can create. When it comes down to it you are not gaining anything for cheap things that are going to break. So put the money into american made products. Everything from cheap toys to household items to bikes are all made in china. That is the conclusion of "Made in america."

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