Thursday, January 30, 2014

January Smackdown

The book I chose for the January smack down is Harry potter and the order of the phenix.  The author is JK Rowling.  There is nothing that really inspires me about the book but it is a good book.  There was nothing that really confused me ether.  I really liked the characters that were in the book.  I am not wondering about anything.  I would recommend the book to other people.  I like this genre so I will read it again.  I thought the twitter chat went well other that the technology problems.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Am I A Genius?

No, I am not a genius.  I am not super smart.  A genius is very smart.

For someone to be a genius you have to be very smart.  Like Thomas Edison.  He was the inventor of the lightbulb.  Now look how many people use that simple invention every day.  Most people take it for granted but it has forever changed the world.  Some characteristics of a genius is a smart person that has contributed to society in some way or the other.  It doesn't have to be world changing but it is a person that has had an impact on other peoples life.

A person becomes a genius by becoming smart and knowledgeable in a certain area.  I am not a genius but there are lots of people that are.